An Assortment of Kick-Ass Books

Some of the study books I come across are just sheer brilliance. It is clear right from reading the first page that the author knows a plenty about the exam that the book is written for, and often the content written by the author is of a timeless nature, meaning that you could pick the book up in several years and it’s content would still be relevant to your exam.

Some of the books I am referring to can be found in this list of great LSAT prep books. There is not one book in that list that I wouldn’t recommend for one reason or another, and working from any of them will do just grand for your learning program.

In addition to that recommendation, I’d like to mention these trusted books too, instead for the ACT exam. When it’s a case of a list of books, I will only link to the list if all the recommended resources there are worth your time, and in this case, they absolutely are. The list is good because it helps you to work out which of the books would be a good fit for you, which is important to suit your own learning and way of doing things.

CFA Failure Warning Signs

If CFA exam failure is likely to happen for you or for someone you know, there will be some warning signs that make it clear this will happen. I will tell you what the signs are. That way you can nip them in the bud before they happen, and instead be a CFA success!

First, lack of study time is a clear and obvious sign of projected failure. If you do not do some solid work to learn the CFA content, then you will be very puzzled by the exam questions. This is unacceptable so you need to buck your ideas up and improve lengths of time studied up to 2 hours a day but if you can, more time than that even.

Second, you lack a copy of Wiley’s CFA review. I have friends who swear by that very product for this exam. They said that it’s contents were so accurately made for the exam questions that they couldn’t fail. And it will be the same for you if you study from it.

That said, there are other good enough CFA reviews if you’ve got beef with Wiley, so let me show you a resource that can guide you through them: